Color Speak: Unveiling Truth for Light

Color Speak, Episode 26, A Miracle Voice, with Vivian L. King

May 28, 2021 J. M. Huxley Season 1 Episode 26
Color Speak: Unveiling Truth for Light
Color Speak, Episode 26, A Miracle Voice, with Vivian L. King
Show Notes

Light is where you’ll find truth; truth is where you’ll find color.

Color is where you’ll find God. 

Color is God. 

It’s his love for you.

Can you imagine a monotone world? Of course not! God gave us color but he says this world we know is but a shadow of things to come. He tells us our minds cannot imagine what he has prepared for us in the next.

One thing is for sure, it will be wildly colorful, beyond our ability to conceive colorful.

As part of this beautiful, colorful world we're currently in, he gave us each other. We are meant to encourage one another on to the next through the sharing of stories uniquely ours in this place. Not only are we destined to great purpose, we are destined to empower one another through our transparency.

Just as our experiences here on earth are distinct, our encounters with our God vary. No one connection looks the same. Sharing the myriad ways in which he works with us and supports us on our journeys is empowerment for all. It's part of our sacred purpose!

Our guest today is doing just that. Sharing her story.  From a TV journalist and communicator to a stroke victim with an inability to speak, she went from tragedy to triumph to help others. 

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and a great time for Vivian L. King to empower women with information for  better health. 

Her story is full of God's provisions.

Was Vivian’s outcome different from most?

Vivian’s answer is, yes. Most stroke victims don’t experience the complete, restorative healing Vivian did. Her healing is, quite frankly, a miracle of biblical proportions. Alas, we ran out of time and didn’t fully explore this, mostly because I didn’t ask the question until we were off air. But anyone listening won’t have any trouble discerning the wonderful ways in which God worked in Vivian’s life.

Listening to this episode today could change yours.

Please do.  Listen. 



Vivian L. King Connections, LLC
Vivian L. King is the author of WHEN THE WORDS SUDDENLY STOPPED: Finding My Voice Again After a Massive Stroke.

Email:    [email protected]